Sandy McKinnon

Sandy has been a Pentech partner since 2001. His areas of interest include security technology, the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and new infrastructure technologies such as blockchain and microservices.

He has led investments in edge-caching company Velocix (sold to Alcatel-Lucent), predictive analytics company SeeWhy (sold to SAP), machine-learning computer-vision company Omniperception (sold to Digital Barriers), audio effects company Sonaptic (sold to Wolfson), real-time big data analytics company Acunu (sold to Apple) and is currently on the Boards of nPlan, Lifebit, Stacker and Eola.

Sandy has also been deeply involved in commercialising deep technology from Universities for most of his life and is a venture partner for Old College Capital at Edinburgh University. He helped set up and make operational techstartNI, helping the team there deliver micro-seed funds for Northern Ireland. Sandy had a Research Fellowship at Cambridge University, working in Nanotechnology with many of the pioneers in the field. He has a Ph.D. and B.Sc.(first) in Physics from the University of Dundee.