Our passion is helping founders develop their startup into an internationally successful organisation. We have done this multiple times, partnering with leading VCs, corporations and investment banks along the way.

We consider any opportunity capable of becoming a market leader but are most comfortable being the first venture investor, supporting founders through the early stages of proving product and market fit. Our initial investment is likely to be £500K to £2M, with up to £10M invested over the lifetime of the investment.

We invest in founders who are ambitious to build a global company, have the passion and ability to attract the best team and who are focused on the data and understand the key drivers in proving and building their business. We support the founders we invest in to develop and grow with their business.

We invest in teams who believe they can build a category leading software company. Our areas of interest include: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Big Data; Infrastructure such as Blockchain; and verticals that are enabled via the efficient use of AI and new infrastructure approaches, such as FinServ, Health, and Enterprise Transformation. We consider both B2C and B2B opportunities.






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