Lifebit – Launches closed-beta product and raises £2.25M funding from Pentech and Connect Ventures

London 19th June 2018 –
Lifebit Ltd today announced it has launched a closed-beta of its genomics platform having raised £2.25 million of funding in the UK, led by Pentech and Connect Ventures with participation from existing investor Techstars.

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Lifebit is trying to make DNA data analysis so simple that anyone could do it? To harness the power of AI to fully automate and vastly simplify the process of going from raw DNA data to insights.,” said Dr Maria Chatzou, Co-Founder and CEO of Lifebit.

Lifebit is is building the world’s first genomics cognitive platform that understands DNA data, learns from it and generates meaningful insights. This offers researchers/R&D professionals, and their corresponding organisations (ie. pharmaceutical companies), a highly scalable, modular and reproducible system that automates the analysis processes, learns from the data and provides actionable insights.

Sandy McKinnon, Partner at Pentech has said “With full human genomics sequencing now heading towards costing $100 and taking less than 1 hour to complete, we are on the cusp of creating more ‘omics’ data than any other type on the planet. Taming and organising that data and optimising the cost of processing it is the first huge problem that Lifebit is solving, but the main reason we got really excited to invest was their plans to bring the power of advanced machine learning to allow a much bigger audience to derive insights and value from this data beyond just expert bioinformaticians.”

Lifebit is currently recruiting for a number of roles within the bioinformatics and machine learning industry.