Marc Moens

Marc has been a Pentech partner since 2008. His areas of interest include companies that make use of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, companies that build solutions focused on marketing optimisation, and companies that grow through network effects.

He has led investments in targeted advertising company Struq (acquired by Quantcast), data and machine learning company Semetric (acquired by Apple), customer experience optimization specialist Maxymiser (acquired by Oracle), music streaming service We7 (acquired by Tesco) and daily fantasy sports company FanDuel.

Marc has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, where he ran a research group working in natural language processing. He left the University to co-found Rhetorical Systems, a text-to-speech company, and became its CEO. In 2001, Pentech became one of Rhetorical’s investors. Rhetorical soon became a market leader in high-quality text-to-speech, with sales across Europe and the US. In December 2004 Rhetorical was sold to a US-based speech company.