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Semetric, operating under the brand name Musicmetric, was a data company that developed and commercialized analytics tools for the music industry.

They tracked more than 800,000 artists, and looked at data like video streams, music downloads, fan locations and demographics, web mentions, and changes in sentiment on social media. Clients could overlay this rich data set with their own marketing data and with non-web events such as TV appearances, to track the impact of these activities on social media and online music consumption.

Pentech invested in 2010. At that point, the 4 founders had built a first version of their data capturing tool. The funding allowed them to start commercializing the product, expand the business beyond the UK, and raise a subsequent funding round in which Touchstone Innovations participated.

Semetric was acquired in 2014.



Key People

Greg Mead

Jameel Syed


Touchstone Innovations